20+ Unique Happy New Year Quotes – 2021, Wishes, Messages

20+ Unique Happy New Year Quotes – 2021, Wishes, Messages

20+ Unique Happy New Year Quotes – 2020, Wishes, Messages

We have compiled a list of inspiring and beautiful new year quotes and new year wishes for the ones you care about. These Happy New Year wishes are curated to make people feel special. Send these New Year quotes to your friends, family, lover, colleagues and to anyone dear to you. Everyone feels special when you send them specially curated messages and wishes. Send these on Whatsapp or share it in social media or add them to your personal messages to make a unique impact.

We want to wish you all a Happy New Year our lovely users and all the loved ones out there. A New Year is here in front of us full of new opportunities, let’s welcome it with everyone we love and care about. It is the beginning of a new chapter and we should leave all the sorrows behind and try to overcome whatever was not good in the past year. It is the most auspicious day for all of us.

All around the world people celebrate this mammoth event with utmost passion and happiness, hoping for a better living in the upcoming year. The midnight of 31st December is the beginning of this big celebration. People celebrate this time with full enthusiasm and lots of music and dancing.

We wish that this new year brings at least a little hope for everyone. It is a very good time to look back and understand the past year better and make a new plan for this New Year. A New Year is a perfect time to set new goals and then making a foolproof plan to execute the steps carefully.

A Happy New Year to all of You!

  1. “I want to wish You and Your Family a prosperous, Joyful, Healthy, and very fulfilling New Year Ahead!”
  2. “In this New Year Wishing, you and your loved a bright fortune, health, prosperity and every other happiness in the world.”
  3. “This New Year lets try to make things even better than before and enjoy life, even more, Happy New Year.”
  4. I wish the coming year to be filled with opportunities and Prosperous; I hope that you become successful in all the things you pursue.
  5. I wish this new year give you the power, health, and opportunities to follow your dreams, I just want you to love like there is no tomorrow and always have the biggest smile on your face. Happy New Year!
  6. With this new year’s message, I am wishing you a Joyful, Happy, Peaceful, the most Lovely and Lucky future ahead.
  7. This new year, make a resolution about anything which you want to improve in your life and I wish you the strength to complete that. Happy New Year!
  8. Leave all the sad parts of your life behind, it was all in the past. The brand new year is here, make it count. Happy new year!
  9. Have a stunning, exciting, magical and prosperous New Year!
  10. I wish each and every moment of yours to be renewed with lots of cheerfulness, joy, and love in this new year. Happy New Year.
  11. Before I get drunk and party hard in this auspicious and joyful night, let me wish you a Happy New Year!
  12. You have made my life so beautiful and worth living when you promised to spend the rest of your life with me. Happy New Year.
  13. Keep the good memories of the year which is about to end and also make room for the new ones in your heart because I m wishing you a lot of fortune and a year full of wonders. Happy new year
  14. I wish this new year to be the best in your life. May all your dreams and ambitions come true & all your wishes are fulfilled!
  15. One more year has passed and another one is in the queue, but I want us to stay the same. The same silliness, the same friendship, the same fights. Happy New Year my friend!
  16. This new Year, I want you to achieve all of your dreams. Work harder with the same passion always. GIving you Lots of love and wishes. Happy New Year.
  17. Maybe I am far away from you but you live in my heart, we are closer than you think. I wish you lots of smiles throughout the year along with every single happiness in your life. Happy New Year!
  18. Who needs a new year’s resolution when I am blessed with a friend like you who has made my life worth living and meaningful, it’s already terrific. Thank You, my friend and Happy New Year!
  19. I want to Thank you for your support and for everything else you’ve done for me. A new year is in the row and I just want you by my side in the upcoming future and Thank you in advance. Happy New Year my friend.
  20. This year is over and a new year begins,
  21. Sending you this greeting to say I am thankful we’re friends.
  22. Wishing you a prosperous future ahead in this new year!
  23. I looked back over last year and no wonder that I have found you with me all the time. The person who has impacted my life the most in a positive way. I wish to stay with you like this. Happy New Year my friend.
  24. I wish you a Happy New Year that would be filled with the promise of an ecstatic tomorrow. Stay blessed and enjoy the beauty of a euphoric tomorrow.
  25. I know this year’s resolutions also will be dumped by you like the old ones and the same thing for me my dear. Let’s start the fun. Happy New Year!
  26. Just like a chapter in a book, a new year stands before us. Go through it with utmost passion and write your own victorious Chapter. Happy New Year!
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